ma vie en rose

ma vie en rose by dbparker

…a return to the source code of a life interrupted, adventures and recollections of a new girl in an old town

singer/songwriter – artist/filmmaker – finally transitioning in my fifties after decades of denial despair and defeat feels like a wonderful return to the source code, i knew who i was at a very young age but there were no Mermaids in the 70s, just conversion therapy and ‘man up’ conversations. Well i tried, but not very well, living (at least) a double life left me only a filtered connection with consensus reality, pouring my energies instead into worlds of my own making. Now with the filters off, i am writing my first book, and recording my first ‘solo’ album…

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the BRO-CODE #notallmen

rule 1 – there is no bro-code rule 2 – bro’s before ho’s rule 3 – ALL women are crazy (no exemption)* rule 4 – ESPECIALLY ex-girlfriends 5 – see #2 *yes, even (especially) mothers and sisters too, basically ANY women who know ANY dark secrets of their menfolk, are crazy, and you shouldn’t believeContinue reading “the BRO-CODE #notallmen”

3am down

this morning i was fallingdown upon my knees3am i’m down again help me please getting up i fill my cupwith denial despair and defeatfill it up and drink it up and repeat since she went awayim drowning in these man sized bootsand one, two, many shoddy mungo suitsbut nothing seems to fitdoctor says you’ll growContinue reading “3am down”

the SUICIDE whisperers

i’m calling BULLSHIT on this particularly unhelpful piece of advice, often handed out by well meaning parents and the like…  sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never harm me …when i wake in the middle of the night, sweating from the existential horror of it all, or when i’m fleeing fromContinue reading “the SUICIDE whisperers”

…at the Salon

…looking for a new style using the excellent reface app as inspiration …this reminds me of the first digital camera i owned, back in the 90s. It was a promo thing from Cosmopolitan magazine, it was really poor quality, and held about a dozen shots in its tiny memory, and it came with a computerContinue reading “…at the Salon”


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